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Dedicated to making sure there's more Peace, Love, and Popcorn in the world 

All of our popcorn is made from scratch, to order, from organic popcorn kernels. We have a variety of flavor and color options available to create your favorite snack to enjoy everyday and share with your friends, so POP out of your comfort zone and get creative with us today!


CaraPoppa’s Flavor Profile

All of our organic popcorn is made from scratch, to order, and can be customized from a range of flavors and colors. Create your favorite combination to enjoy as a snack and to share with your favorite people!



All our popcorn is made from organic yellow kernels and sunflower oil. It can be sprinkled with sea salt or prepared unsalted. Our base popcorn is Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free!



Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Cookies n' Cream

Peppermint Chocolate


Toasted Coconut

White Chocolate 

*Vegan* Chocolate

*Vegan* Cookies N Cream 

Pumpkin Spice 

Fruity Pebbles

Lucky Charms

Cinnamon Toast Crunch



Reeses PB Cups


Kit Kat 

Chili Lime

Cheddar Cheese

White Cheddar Cheese

Everything Cheese


Buffalo Ranch



*Gluten Free Toppings Available* 


Keep your party POPPIN! 

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(516) 779-6506

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